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    RoboHelp 2015 display issue on hi-res monitors (4k)

    SGRoeh Level 1

      Hi - This may be a simple issue to resolve (most likely not I fear) but I just updated to a new hi-res 4k monitor and all the images, text, buttons in the RoboHelp 2015 application and help topics show up very small. CHM outputs also display poorly as does the web output.


      Are there any suggestions (besides setting the display to a lower resolution) to resolve this display issue? I was told to use scaleable images but we have 1000's of images in our help projects that would make this a daunting task. Is there some setting in RH that I'm not aware of that might help?


      We are considering upgrading this year to the 2017 Tech Suite - might that be an answer?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.