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    inappbrowser does not return to app

    gaildaig Level 1

      I can get the link to go to our website but it does not return back to the app

      in the heading section I tried adding a script:


        var inAppBrowserRef;



      function showHelp(url) {



          var target = "_blank";



          var options = "location=yes,hidden=yes";



          inAppBrowserRef = cordova.InAppBrowser.open(url, target, options);



          inAppBrowserRef.addEventListener('loadstart', loadStartCallBack);



          inAppBrowserRef.addEventListener('loadstop', loadStopCallBack);



          inAppBrowserRef.addEventListener('loaderror', loadErrorCallBack);





      and in the body referencing the link I placed:

      <a href="http://www.grenadak12.com/ges.html" inAppBrowserRef=cordova.inAppBrowser.open(http://www.grenadak12.com/ges.html, _blank, location=yes);>Grenada Elementary School</a>


      Can you tell me how to make this work?