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    Preferences: Workspace:  Open Documents As Tabs keeps reverting to default.

    jimsanderson Level 1

      Above is my problem.  The preference "Open Documents as Tabs" won't stay unchecked.  Sometimes it won't revert for several days, other times it will revert every time a new document opens.  Lately the later has been the general case.  Has been a problem for some time for me.  Across several years with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and now on a new machine with Windows 10.  I have a multi monitor set up and need the files to open on a second monitor.  Doesn't seem to matter which of three monitors I designate as my default main monitor in Windows.  This is a personal machine on a private network and I'm the only administrator.  Any thoughts?




      Current Desktop I7 6900

                                 128 gbs RAM

                                 Nvidia P4000

                                 Monitors are NECs