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    Flex/Air and Web Services/Remote Objects

    j.ochoa Level 1
      If I'm calling a web service operation, either through the mx:webservice or mx:remoteobject tags, do I need to configure my Flex or Air project (I'm using the latest Flex Builder IDE) with the "use remote object access service" when creating the project? When do I need to configure services-config.xml or remoting-config.xml?

      Can't I simply call a web service operation by specifying the endpoint (if using mx:remoteobject) or the wsdl location for the service and then invoking one of its methods? I'm having a very difficult time consuming a web service through either method (even on my own local ColdFusion 8 developer instance) and need some assistance. I've looked all over the internet for help, but, so far, without success.