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    need dingbat replacement

    deerey Level 1

      as late as november 2016, my zdingbat font worked in inDesign. now it doesn't and i can't find a solution here or in google search. if i can no longer use zapf dingbats, what is recommended replacement? and where do i get it? i have CC subscription and typekit.

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          deerey Level 1

          actually i had dingbats april 12, 2017. today 4/24 is first time i've been back in document. updated indesign just a few days ago and dingbats disappeared.

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            mollybd Adobe Employee

            Sorry for the trouble. Did you recently upgrade from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud, or have there been any changes with your operating system? The font may have been included in an old version of Creative Suite, but Creative Cloud does not come bundled with a set of fonts that install on your machine with the software.


            In any case, Zapf Dingbats or other Dingbats fonts are not offered by Typekit. You can purchase a license to use the font from a reseller:

            ITC Zapf Dingbats® - Desktop font « MyFonts

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              deerey Level 1

              i have had creative cloud since the beginning. zapf dingbats disappeared when one of the latest updates was installed. inDesign was updated 9 days ago. that update apparently wiped out my font. how can i get it back?  if i can't get it back, what font in typekit could be substituted?

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                FWIW, Adobe applications do not delete any fonts installed by earlier versions. Thus, any update to your InDesign software is absolutely not the cause of the loss of ITC Zapf Dingbats on your system. Something else must have happened on your system to have caused the font to either have been uninstalled, deactivated, or deleted.


                          - Dov