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    Missing & misplaced items in TOC in responsive HTML5 help, but not when viewed on hard drive




      My responsive HTML5 output has none of the following issues when viewed either from my hard drive or from our company's network drive.


      After our IT person pushed the file to our server on Edge, however, I saw the following issues when viewing the Help site from Edge:


      • Some TOC entries were missing, but their corresponding topics were not: they were linked from and accessible from other topics in the output
      • For one of the pieces of content that was present in Help (called, "ERP"), but not represented in the TOC, when I navigate to ERP by clicking a link within another topic, a different TOC entry (to a topic called, "E-verify") is highlighted. When I click the e-verify entry in the TOC, it takes me to the e-verify topic as expected. 
      • Some TOC entries from a previous version of the TOC were displayed (but there were new items in there as well that were not created at the time)
      • Some TOC entries were in the wrong TOC book (they had never been in those books in any iteration of the TOC)


      Again, none of these issues are present when I open the very same file from either my hard drive or from the shared network from which our IT guy deployed the file. The TOC displays and works it should and so does the content.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer!