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    Concern regarding authorization


      Hi guys


      So.. I am pretty concerned that I wont be able to read my books if I somehow acquire a new PC. I'm currently writing my bachelor's thesis and my PC (which I'm on right now, as I'm writing this) has started acting weirdly. For example, I'm having problems charging it and I'm a little afraid that it might suddenly die. There is no time for me to have my PC fixed and I REALLY need those precious books.


      My concern is that my current PC is already authorized. What if my PC dies and I have to either borrow or buy a completely new PC? If that's the case, will I be able to read the books on the new PC? I see that my dying PC is authorized, so is there any way I can access my book in ADE on a completely new or borrowed PC?


      I really hope you understand my question. I'm extremely concerned about this matter...


      I will be looking forward to receiving an answer from you guys - thanks in advance!


      Best regards,
      Mathias - the concerned student