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    How to revert back a version for ACR/PS


      Hi - I updated my ACR today and now I've run into the known issue of not being able to use ACR on 32 bit images (pretty much all I do).


      So, in an effort to fix this, I'm trying to revert back a version of ACR and I guess PSCC2017 - because I think the new ACR was part of the latest PSCC2017 update.


      I did try installing the previous version of PS2017 via the cloud panel, but that was a mistake.  It reset all my workspaces, actions, tool presets, preferences, menus, keyboard shortcuts, brushes, etc.  So I spent the afternoon doing my best to fix all those - snyc was not working.

      But I think I still have the latest ACR that won't let me edit 32 bit images - can anyone from Adobe or anywhere direct me on how to go about this?


      Where can I find the previous version of ACR for mac?  IS this what I should be doing?


      Thank you in advance.