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    Adobe Paper Texture


      I have been using adobe paper texture successfully for several months; however, today I must have done something wrong.  Whenever i choose a texture I get a quick glimpse of it, and then the texture turns to grey.  I've restarted the program yet I can't seem to get rid of the grey.  Can anyone tell me how this happened??  Thank you.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Is this with all documents? Are there other layers above the one selected when applying Texture Pro? 

          What is the blend mode set to in Texture Pro?  Luminosity, for instance, might give that effect.

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            Buffer316 Level 1

            Thanks so much for your quick response.  I really appreciate it!




            It’s with documents I open as well as documents I create from scratch.  I have used the blends of normal, multiply, color burn, and dissolve.  I’ve tried with layer one as well as with layer two or three.  I’ve merged the layers and I haven’t merged them.  One message that pops up “The command ‘set’ is not currently available.  






















            This is then followed by a script alert:


























            This is a photo of the texture “2014 Alice,” layer one, with a blend of luminosity and a white canvas.
























            And then this is Alice again, using an overlay and a opacity of 60%.  The canvas is transparent and I added the texture to layer two.




























            Again, thank you!








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              Buffer316 Level 1

              Resolved - I was inadvertently using the grey-scale mode.