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    A AJAX Summary

      I may not be the best Guy to explain AJAX HERE in Coldfusion.

      But i had trouble time with AJAX + COLDFUSION.

      AJAX is not one thing that every functionality can be build in. If you only know AJAX this is not much of Help. You need to Jquery +DOM +Javascript in good to implement this AJAX functionality good in cause. I mean to say that only AJAX implementation is not enough. U need to be a good leaner in jqery or proptotype or many such other small languages to be good at Coldfusion also.

      Many AJAX features are not meant for website the way user wants them to do?

      1. Uploads are not supported.
      [Although t can be done through iframe and tits+bits] but this is not a fool proof idea. uplod files name storing in database could be another headache.
      2. Editing uploded files is cumbersome.
      3. still buggy as sometime it does return results and sometime it don't
      4. Coldfusion on Shared will not working unless u provide a valid mapping to cfide or upload the whole cfide folder.

      so there are many problems to this..

      I would like to hear others views if u think i am wrong enough.