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    Adobe Digital Editions - new Features Request


      1.Navigation Panel: Size is fixed. One can not reduce or increase the width. This feature to alter the panel width is needed.


      2. Table of contents: Table of contents are not expanded upon opening a book. By default they should be expanded.


      3.If a book is opened directly from windows explorer menu (not from digital editions library) and the book is not in the library,

           While closing ADE the following alert pops out.

      ""xxxxx.epub is not open from library, would you like to copy it to library?""


      Check Box: Don't show this alert again

      Buttons: "Copy to Library"   "Cancel"


      If i Check the "Don't show this alert again" box. apllication closes.

      But if I open the book again same message pops out for the books not in the library.

      This check by ADE should be removed.


      The Above features make ebook reading very comfortable and saves time by reducing the no. of mouse clicks