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    Device not compatible with Adobe Clip


      Okay let me start by saying they generally know my way around computers and operating systems on the latest and greatest devices. That being said I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pro 10.1 inch running the CyanogenMod which is Amazing by the way completely makes this tablet brand new. And my device has more than sufficient Hardware processing power to run Adobe clip or whenever the movie editing software that adobe offers is. When I go to download it it says this device is not compatible and then I look for other things online and can't find anything. I have over 2 gig of RAM and 2.1 gigahertz of processing power between the exynos processor and a secondary processor that this device has inside it. It keeps up with my newer devices and is actually better than some of them with more processing power. So my question is why can't I download this application. Does anyone have a link that they can provide me or a simple workaround. I'm okay with using an APK and flashing it but I just need the right link to download. Can anyone help me?