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    PhotoShop Sports Filters




      I really enjoy the visual appeal of the player in this image.  Is anyone familiar with the type of Photoshop filter that would have been used for this effect?


      Thanks in advance for your time.


      Prime Sports Edits.jpg

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi VikingDinKC,


          Oil Paint filter can do some sort of similar job for you in Photoshop.

          Open Photoshop > Filter > Stylize > Oil Paint filter.

          Use the Oil Paint filter in Photoshop




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            macpawel Adobe Community Professional

            You can also add some brush (smoke) strokes as well


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              VikingDinKC Level 1

              Thank you for the suggestion and I think the Oil Paint filter is close.  Items I am noticing is the Oil Paint effect is blurring my son’s number 13 on his shorts but the image I shared, the 88 is very clear.  It’s also blurring the words on my suns jersey.  Is this a case where I need to use a layer mask with the Oil Filter and then remove the filter over the number and jersey?  To be honest, I feel like there is another filter being used but my skills are not mature enough to know what.  For example, if you do a Google Image search on “nflprimeedits” you will see many images.  I love the vibrance of the images along with how smooth the images look.  Any additional feedback you have is appreciated.


              Below is the oil paint effect applied to my sons photo.

              Oil Paint.JPG

              Here are the settings I used

              Oil Paint Settings.JPG

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                We used to call this the Dave Hill effect, and people spoke about the uber expensive LucisArt Pro plugin.


                I started with this.

                And got to this

                With these layers


                Topaz Adjust left some nasty colour artefacts on the uniform, so the hue/sat layer fixed that.  It also made the left arm too grungy, so I blurred that and increased contrast (dodge and burn — I prefer the D&B tools to 50% grey layers because I can target tonal ranges and have more control.  The Alien Skin Electrify is so that Terri knows I have not been abducted by aliens, and that a shape shifting alien actually do the edit.

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                  VikingDinKC Level 1

                  Thank you for the example!!!  Let me read more about Topaz Adjust and download the trail to see how it works.  I did purchase Topaz ReMask about 6 months ago and love it.  Do you know, can the Alien Skin > Electrify be done with Topaz Adjust or do you have to purchase both Topaz and Eye Candy 7?  I can stomach the $50 Topaz Adjust purchase but the $130 for Eye Candy is more than I prefer paying.

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                    VikingDinKC Level 1

                    Thank you again for the Topaz Adjust Recommendation.  For the skin clarity, I think they may be using Topaz DeNoise.  I have been watching a number of videos the last few days and notice how popular Topaz Lab products are.  I will have to do some Google searches to see if I can find some coupon codes.  Please don’t take this the wrong way because I do believe in paying for products but I am also a parent who is not doing this for a business.  I just enjoy working on photos of my kids playing sports.

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                      Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                      Topaz DeNoise wouldn't do the skin clarity.  It is what it says it is. A tool for reducing noise, like you get from high ISO digital images.  You can make surfaces clean and smooth with the Camera RAW clarity filter by moving it to the left, but the original example was fairly grunged up. 

                      OK I just tried negative clarity. and it does not work in this situation.

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                        VikingDinKC Level 1

                        Thanks for the correction.  I was watching the video below and they use Topaz DeNoise using the JPEG – strong effect.  Go to around 4:25 in the video.  I still feel like it cleans the skin up a bit but probably not as much as I was originally thinking. 




                        I am going to download the 30 day free trial of Topaz Adjust so I will post back if I am able to make any progress.


                        Thanks again for your time and knowledge.