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    Help to create a Lucky Dip button, please?

      have developed a Football Pools competition to raise funds for various Good Causes and found a programmer to create the attached Flash file. Unfortunately he was involved in a serious car crash and will be hospitalised for many weeks.
      I apologise in advance - this may be a very inappropriate request ... I am not a programmer, just trying to find someone to help
      The last 2 parts he was undertaking were to
      1. create a "Lucky Dip" button that filled in randomly each of the required 15 choices .... to make life easy for non-fans, a button to press for a Lucky Dip selection BUT with the option to still change any individual choice they did not like
      2. Create a pop-up "warning" if anyone tried to submit an incomplete "entry" - forecasts are required for ALL 15 matches.

      I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee if this is again, not breeching etiquette.

      Thanks in advance for any help which will be much appreciated.

      My main email is sporting.chance@virgin.net

      LINKS to files:
      SoccerBingo SWF

      fla file

      flp file