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    exporting artboards causing major issues

    foundedc3278324 Level 1

      Cant believe I'm writing again about photoshop artboards again!!! I've just sent a load of exported pngs to a client for some reason the smart object that was masked decided to pop out of the mask during the export this is not the first time this has happened a month ago my smart object decided to shrink itself by 50% in size during the export. firstly let me say I'm completely up to date on the latest version of cc2017 i updated 2 weeks ago thinking that this would solve some of the issues I've been having with these art boards they have been a feature for over a year and a half and they still have major issues can adobe even be bothered to sort them out? export for web was rock solid never had any issues like this whats going on adobe you really have been dropping the ball lately ever since the introduction of monthly subscriptions the need to have software running properly has declined! I'm serious I've been using your software for over 25 years I've never known so many issues.