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    Reinstall of CS6

    starbird parrot Level 1

      I have endless problems with the Adobe site and need some help.


      I need to reinstall PS6 and cannot find a way to do that or to find my serial number. They seem to make everything unnecessarily difficult.


      Fill will not work as it is grayed out even though I have a blank image and it has been saved with a name. That usually does the trick, but not today.


      I have to make a banner asap and I need to fill the background.


      Any guidance would be appreciated very much.



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi starbirdparrot,


          Please use the below download link for Photoshop CS6.

          Other downloads


          Also, refer the link for finding the registered serial number:  Find your serial number




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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            What operating system are you using?


            Rather than reinstall i would try resetting the photoshop cs6 preferences first and see if that corrects the problem(s).


            Press and hold the Shift+Ctrl+Alt (windows) or Shift-Command-Option (mac) keys just after starting the launch of photoshop cs6

            (you have to be quick about pressing the keys or you won't get the below dialog)


            Keep holding the keys down until you get a dialog asking if you want to Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File


            Press Yes






            Also make sure you have latest photoshop cs6 updates by using Help>Updates from within photoshop cs6.

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