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    Create a PDF/E from InDesign/InDesign-server (LOCKED — Double Posting)



      I have discovered that the PDF-format PDF/E compresses PDFs to a pdf thats are very lightweigted and in a good quality compared to the size.


      I wonder if there is a way to generate a PDF/E directly from InDesign. I can't find it in the Adobe PDF-settings, but maybe there is some other way?

      Can you script it in some way?


      Or is it some other way to make it more automated than to open a PDF in Acrobat and resave it?


      Any external tools that you can recommend to make PDFs smaller. To use "save as Smallest file size" is not enought.


      I'd be happy for all you inputs.


      Kind regards, Fredrik





      [Double post— please see Create a PDF/E from InDesign in the Creating PDFs forum]