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    How do I stop the image from moving off screen in full screen mode.


      In full screen mode > and when image is fit to screen > and you go to crop the image.  If you drag the crop tool a little bit too far, the image flies off screen, out of sight, in the opposite direction.  same with the selection tool.  If you drag any tool a little bit off screen it pushes the image off screen in the opposite direction.   This has always been driving me crazy.   In earlier versions of photoshop (1990s) the image did not go off screen.  Is there a way to lock the image position or prevent photoshop from being able to send it out of sight?

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          If you crop in Tab of Floating window and you use fit in window and set a crop selection with the marque tool the image will not pan. However you will not be able to rotate the selection and crop and straighten at once.  The Crop tool is a good tool but Personally I do not use the crop tool myself.  l for I do not like how it works and do not particularly need some of the features the crop tool provides like retaining what is cropped or resampling what is cropped.  I guess I'm simple minded I do one thing at a time.  I also use smart object layers to resize and mask or clip off what I do not want.  When I do crop I normally do it in two steps,  Marque Select then image  crop. Call me simple it you wish too. To fine tune a crop you can always views actual size after setting the marque tool and use Transform selection to fine tune it.