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    Motion Graphics saves  differnt exports with same filename to CC Library

    kjetils30485119 Level 1

      I've got two Motion Graphics files which I am creating in After Effects.

      I am saving one as "Avslutning 1080p" and the other as "Avslutning 960p" as they are in different resolutions.

      This worked fine in the beginning, but as I now have been saving multiple times, where I have deleted the files from the library from the panel, the first graphic is now saved with the second graphic's filename, ie. ...1080p is saved as 960p even though I can see from the screenshot that it is the widescreen variant.


      Also, (this is perhaps a different problem)

      Importing these files into Premiere Pro now gives me this error message, even though I have AE installed:


      Screenshot 2017-04-25 16.11.43.png

      So I cannot use them.