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    Viewing hyperlinked html image vs. icon


      Pretty new to photo shop creative cloud

      I do not understand why when I view a hyperlink html file some times I see the image and sometime I see the icon.

      I want to always see the image.

      Does it have to do with where I save the hyperlinked html image?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Can you explain your issue in more detail please?


          What is the hyperlink HTML file you are referring to?  Did you produce it, or find it on line, or what?


          Photoshop is not able to use hyperlinks inside the program.  You can do so in PDF files produced with an app like Indesign, but we are completely in the dark about what you are talking about.


          So please provide a LOT more detail.

          What version of Photoshop CC are you using?

          What operating system?



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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Html is not an image format. It is a text file that points to the image file. When viewed in a browser it will display the image no matter where that image is stored.

            However, if the image is missing, example you disable your internet, then all you will see is an icon instead of the image.


            Therefore you need to know where the original image is located and place it on your computer if it is not already.

            You can then view just the image not the html in Photoshop.


            I hope that helps...