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    Using Actions to call Acrobat regular expressions


      I'm working with Acrobat X.

      In Tools > Protection > Search and Remove Text, you have the option to search for regular expression patterns found here:

      C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\Preferences\Redaction\ENU\SearchRedactPatterns.x ml

      I want to create an Action that calls that list of Acrobat regular expressions.

      In the Action Wizard, when creating a new Action (Protection > Search & Remove Text), you don't get the option to look for those patterns. Has anyone done this?  Dose anyone know a simple way to modify the generated .sequ file so it will do this?


      <</Commands [/c << /0 [/c << /Config [/c << /UIPolicy [/i 3]


        /HandlerName [/a /SearchAndRedactCmd]

        /Params [/c << /CaseSensitive [/b false]

        /WholeWord [/b false]

        /WordList [/n null]


        /Title [/t (Search & Remove Text)]



      /Description [/t (calls standard Acrobat regex patterns)]

      /Input [/c << /FileVariation [/i 3]


      /Output [/c << /AddToBaseName [/b false]

        /DontOverwrite [/b false]

        /EmbedIndex [/b false]

        /FileVariation [/i 1]

        /HandleOutput [/b true]

        /NumbericNaming [/b false]

        /OptimizePDF [/b true]

        /PresetName [/t (Standard)]

        /RunPDFOptimizer [/b false]