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    Requesting feedback on my InDesign project

    hebaashtar Level 1

      magazine example.png

      Hello everyone,


      I would appreciate if you guys would give me your opinions on what to add or change about the text/ layout on my magazine project.


      Basically, I have to create 3 pages with the same idea but different stories.


      This is my first page. Not sure if the font title looks good but I spent like 2 hours looking for a good one and nothing looks great.


      Also for the background image, do you suggest any changes to the shadows or what not? I'm kind of a noobie - so I would appreciate it if you could explain with easy step by step instructions




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          Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

          Three things I'd suggest:


          1) You're right -- lose the display font. Part of advertising design is to develop a story which appeals to your audience. I personally feel your display font choice doesn't work here. I'd find something a bit more classic in the way of a serifed font. And the yellow sans-serifed tag really doesn't work against that background. Also think about changing the copy font at bottom-left. Or at least the ALL CAPS tag to lead in with that font. Think about who your target audience is, and then make font choices which you think would best make your appeal to that audience.


          2) The flopped photo is obviously a flopped photo, because the Ray-Ban logo on the sunglasses is wrong-reading. That's fixable, though by copying that information -- right reading, from the original shot -- and rotating/placing it carefully above the wrong-reading type.


          3) This is a little harder, in that part of your purpose is to appeal to your class instructor as much as it is to your target audience. A good ad should tell a good story, and your photo choice doesn't need any dramatic enhancement with shadows/filters etc. to pull that off. But if you're instructor is really into that kind of stuff, you may have to balance that against appealing to your target audience to boost your grade.


          Now that I've finished nitpicking, let me compliment you on your sense of balancing -- symmetrical and non-symmetrical -- in your ad. The photo choice is a lot of fun. And while I might soften the intensity of the can reflection off your bottom shape, it's a nice piece of stylistic flair. Good luck on your project!

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            The third time I scrolled up I saw the name of the product. Ooops! If I were paying you big bucks, I would want that to be more prominent instead of hidden in the corner.

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              hebaashtar Level 1

              thanks alot everyone:) i ended up changing Almost all of it.


              i will post it in a bit

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                postrophe Level 4


                I second everything said from above. But the" beautiful sunny day", is not showing in the glass reflexion.

                In a magazine, the product should be more prominent.

                My 2 cent.



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                  Eternal Warrior Level 4



                  Also agree with jane-e.


                  For some reason the spelling mistakes compelled me to correct some of them...Sorry.