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    Photoshop Really Slow!!!  -- SOLVED !!!!


      I hate when software companies add new "features and enhancements" that cost us money.


      Adobe Photoshop CC started to act up a while ago and opening, saving and many other simple tasks started crawluing to the point where it's infuriating if not unusable.


      After reading mountains of crap and garbage about setting on our computers etc... sending data to tech etc. ... Here is what I did.


      1. Open Photoshop


      2. Go to Edit > Preferences > General


      3. Uncheck "Show 'Start' Workspace when no documents are open"


      Fixed!!! (you may have to uncheck other nonsense)


      Thanks again Adobe, for costing my company money!!!


      Sorry to sound so pissy, but I am pissed.


      (I hope this helps others)