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    Generic error


      I am using Premiere Elements 15 on a Dell XPS 15 running windows 10. I have video recorded on an iPhone 7 Plus. I used Filmic Pro set to 4K and Filmic Extreme Quality. The videos show a .MOV format. Every time I try to import to edit I get a generic error.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          What is "Filmic Pro"?  What is "Filmic Extreme Quality"?  What are the file specifications?  Can you provide a sample clip on DropBox?

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            Mastiff Level 1

            Filmic Pro is a video app for smart phones. Filmic Extreme Quality is one of the setting options that I selected. By file specifications do you mean file size and duration?

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              What are the specifications of the file.  There is software called MediaInfo that will give more details than necessary.  To start, what are the pixel dimensions, frame rate and is it constant or variable.  (Premiere Elements does not like variable frame rates)


              Can you share a sample clip via DropBox or similar?

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                Mastiff Level 1

                Frame rate mode: Variable

                Frame Rate: 24.000 FPS

                Minimum frame rate: 23.976 FPS

                Maximum frame rate: 24.024 FPS

                Width: 2 160 Pixels

                Clean aperture width: 2 160 Pixels

                Height: 3 840 Pixels

                Clean aperture height: 3 840 Pixels

                Format: MPEG-4

                Format profile: Quicktime


                Will see abt Dropbox.

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                  Mastiff Level 1

                  Just tried to open a video that I took with my Pentax DSLR and I am again getting the Generic Error. This is NOT variable frame rate. WTF is wrong with this program. I have been using Elements for many years and previous versions did not have this problem.

                  Why is the latest version of this program on a better computer less capable than older versions on LESSER computers?

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                    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                    Premiere Elements is a best selling video editor around the world.  This is one of the least active forums on the internet.  Only a few of the thousands, maybe millions, of Premiere Elements users show up here.  The logical conclusion is that there is little wrong with it and there may be something wrong with your computer, the installation or your choice of video files.  


                    Before version 15, Quicktime was required to be installed so that Premiere Elements could use some of it's parts.  Adobe no longer lists it as a requirement for version 15.  But, there have been situations where some video file types won't work.  The solution is to install Quicktime. 


                    Apple stopped supporting Quicktime for Windows and some suggest it is not safe to install it.  In the installation procedure there is an option to install only the support files and not the .exe itself.   The other is to rename Quicktime.exe to Quicktime.bad so it won't run, but the support files remain. 


                    Some dislike Adobe and are angered by all they do.  Cyberlink and Corel have low priced alternatives.  Magix has a couple of choices including what was the Sony Vegas and Movie Studio.  Video editing is complex enough that all have those that love their choice and a few that are angered to the point of quitting.   I'm one.  I couldn't make Sony Movie Studio run on my computer for a month.  So I changed to Premiere Elements and updated every other version since 9 without any difficulties.


                    Good luck with your projects!



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                      Mastiff Level 1

                      With respect, I am not sure why you need to be an apologist for Adobe. I have had Premiere Elements for years. I agree that it is an excellent piece of software, that is why purchased the latest version of it. I specifically bought one of the best photo/video editing computers with the best video cards and most RAM so that I could finally take advantage of the excellent capabilities of Adobe's software. I am using one of the best smartphone camera's and making content with one of the top video apps, one that was used to film a movie that won last year at Sundance. Previous versions of Elements have been able to process these files so excuse my frustration when a top video program and an ideal platform cannot process a file that was one of the reasons I bought the software and computer.

                      I appreciate the Quicktime suggestion and I have downloaded it and WOW, it solved the problem. Thank you so very much. That was exactly the solution that I needed. It now makes sense as on my past computer I had Quicktime. I would have never come up with this on my own. I cannot thank you enough.

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                        whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                        The apologist part is perhaps a little weird.  I'll try to do less of that in the future.


                        The other part that is a little weird is that I get some odd satisfaction when I can figure out how to solve a video editing problem.   My goal is to help someone fix something each day.   I try to think of it as returning a favor for all the favors given me. 


                        Thank you for telling me it worked!


                        If you mark my answer correct, I get points.  If I get enough points, Adobe might consider giving me access to the CC with the "real" Premier.  At my current rate of earning points, it will be in a decade or so!