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    Artifacts from video player controls display on upper layers of multi-state object


      I have created an ePub file in InDesign CC 2017 which contains MP4 video content on a lower state of a multi-state object. The video controls (circle with triangle play button and rectangular bar containing the timeline slider, full screen button, etc...) are appearing on the object states above the state containing the video content.


      It's important to note that this ONLY happens on iPads. I've tried several iOS ePub readers (iBooks and Adobe Digital Editions and the result is the same). The ePub functions correctly on MACS and PCs. I am also able to export to an SWF file and play the document from a browser without problems.


      Image 1 - Video content (on lower state of multi-state object)

      IMG_8941 2.JPG


      Image 2 - Artifact from play button of video content (on upper state of multi-state object)



      Image 3 - Artifact from control bar of video content (on upper state of multi-state object)



      Additionally, I have tried setting the controller to 'none' in the interactive/media panel and the controls appear to be generated automatically regardless of the setting in InDesign. I have also tried exporting the video as a Snippet, editing the code to make the controls not appear, and placing the edited snippet in the document. This also did not work.


      Thank you for any insight that would help me resolve this issue.