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    Why is it so quiet in here?

    Cactus Cowboy Level 2

      Don't nobody talk to each other anymore? Out of the millions of things going on in the world why can't someone come up with an interesting subject that can get us to discuss or just gibber-jabber about. Was a time when folks would just throw something out there so we'd all feast on but now, I don't know...acp, and staff are really fast to toss around posts here and there but don't seem capable to introduce a topic of some kind...like say, how about them distressed jeans Nordstrom is selling made to look like they have mud on them for $450.00 USD. Would you buy them? At least their pockets don't come with holes that way you can carry their $85 rock in them.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Nordstrom jeans?  These wouldn't be by Ivanka Trump then.     'Distressed' clothing is probably marketed by the same people who sold the Emperor his 'new clothes'.   


          Being only slightly more serious, stuff like that is cool if you are the only person wearing it, but when it becomes so common as to become a cliche, it makes the wearer look a bit of a ****.