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    Slideshow upload error & subsequent problems (Facebook).


      Dear Adobe and Lighroom Community: I have the following problem. I assembled a group / collection of photos that were made into a slideshow. I used Lightroom to upload to Facebook. The majority of the upload process went fine .. that is until the end. I received an error notice. My slideshow was not published on Facebook in the end, despite refreshes and such. What I was left with was an item under the Facebook tab (left portion of the screen) that got “stuck” in Lightroom even with a close and re- start. I believe that it said "Timeline Photos" with the numeral 1 following it, to the right side. After trying several options I right- clicked on the item and selected Delete w/ the right- click menu. ~~ Now I find myself with a “tab” for lack of a better word for the social network and only an arrow indicating open or close a menu. I am not able to publish a group of photograph images to FB. The only fix that I can think of is the following:

      Create Another PubLish Service via "Facebook" ... ( equals a right- click option on the Facebook icon ).

      I am at a loss trying to figure out what to do next. I've been experiencing issues publishing to the service/ network throughout my time using Adobe's Lightroom. End. Thanks, Brent.