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    UI Menu Bug in Indesign CC 2017

    Brounzer Level 1

      Latest Indesign CC

      Windows 10, i7, Quadro M1200

      Ultra HD screen



      I'm going crazy about the top menu in Indesign (and Muse).

      Every time I click a menu item, it selects the one to the right of it.

      I cannot access any of the menus... basically making Indesign quite useless to me.

      This strange offset with the mouse clicks happening since the latest update.



      Btw: Same issue in Muse and Indesign!

      Not in Illustrator, After Effects or Photoshop


      Seems to me this is a programming bug or issue with supporting my screen / resolution.

      Any word on this?


      P.S. Made a similar post in the Muse forums, see UI bug in the top menu in 2017?