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    Photoshop or Illustrator? From a new noobie noob

    1 Barrington Plaza

      I am super new and my first question is Photoshop or Illustrator? I want to draw vehicles and machines from scratch. Not from a photo.

      1). The technical accuracy is a must in the final product. The product will be more informational than pretty sketches

      2). Wireframe and surface rendering. Does the artist build a wireframe then add surfaces, color and lighting?

      3). The object must be printable eventually and while in the binary ether, visible from all sides as in 3D or at least be able to rotate it freely and easily.

      4) Canvas size in the software. When exporting to a print shop the final version needs to be a jpeg scalable to final print sizes of; 11x14, 14x17 & possibly 19x24

      5) and for personal use, I want to be able to render 'for fun' sketches like design a new car, truck, assembly line robotic welding appliance

      6) I'm told that I need to purchase a tablet (Cintiq) and stylus to connect to my pc for 'loose' sketches. But I need to be able to 'build' machines with technical accuracy. I cannot stress that enough. Proportion, ratio, LxWxH, change the tire size, reposition the doors etc. Flexibility would be an accurate word. Flexibility in the build phase and technical accuracy in the final or finished phase.
      7) Be able to convert my final work into a jpeg for a print shop

      8) Finally, I want to be able to take all of my hand drawn work, photograph them and upload them to my Photoshop or Illustrator 'canvas'? and make corrections and/or make multiple versions by changing or adding features from other photos, change the overall color or add new parts that I create using the software.


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