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    Painting over a video?!



      Okay so, I run games based instagram/youtube accounts! Right now im doing a lil project teaser and I need to use this clip. Its just a few seconds long and the only movement is blinking. I need to cover all the writing/arrows/bars with black paint and add a text layer. However I'm new to video editing in photoshop, is there a way I can do this without doing it frame by frame? Im sure it is quite simple but I have no idea! Thankyou

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          You don't paint, you cover it up with anotehr masked layer on top. Your need to understand those basic concepts of how video-/film-based compositing works. Nobody in the video world paints until they really have to because most of the time paint jobs will look rather crap until you have practiced it for years and can do so without introducing flicker and glitches.