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    Cannot delete some annotations

    raeben3 Level 3

      I have a series of forms documents originally created in 2014 using Indesign CC (Mac).  The original Indesign files are not available.


      The files have been updated in Acrobat and now they need to be made accessible.  They are  complex, running 30 to 45 pages each with body content and form fields on the same page. I use read-only text fields with body content in the ToolTip, so the AT user can access all the content when in forms mode.


      For the most part it works fine. Now and then I encounter a document that has a problem.  I read somewhere that forms documents created in earlier version of CC may not be easily remediated in the current versions of Acrobat.  Maybe that's what's going on, IDK.


      In some documents, using Acrobat XI Forms editor -- the Forms editor just does not work properly.  Sometimes neither the Forms Pane nor the Fields Pane are visible when I click Edit Forms. Sometimes only the Forms Pane shows up, but the Fields  pane does not.  So I cannot edit the form fields in my preferred interface Acrobat XI. I Googled this problem and tried several offered fixes and some seemed to help a bit, most did not. 


      On these files, the Forms Editor in Acrobat DC works, however I'm finding there are "ghost form fields" that cannot be deleted. This may have happened when I used CommonLook GlobalAccess-- I know CL changed my chosen Names and Tooltips, although I thought I went back to a pre-Commonlook file after that occurred.


      Anyway these fields have lost their name and tooltip info and cannot be updated with new name and tooltip. When I edit the name and tooltip, exit Properties the name/tooltip simply disappears. When I delete these fields they seem to go away, but then when I am in the Tags Panel and click Find unmarked Annotation they reappear. 


      How can I get rid of these ghost form fields?