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    Sound randomly playing and stopping throughout 'Publish Online' document...


      I am creating an interactive document on InDesign, and using the publish online feature for a project at university.


      Throughout the document, I have placed several bits of sound on different pages. However, there seems to be a fault when I publish it as a song plays on the first few pages, even though it hasn't been placed there and definitely isn't accessible on the page in the actual file. One song is meant to play on the first page, but the other song often plays alongside it. It doesn't play the same amount of the song each time I go on it, which makes me think it isn't something I've done. I've tried deleting the sound and re-placing it, but it still plays.


      I can't find any way of preventing it in the InDesign file itself. It stopped when I deleted the sound, but a few seconds of other sounds played instead when they aren't meant to. All sounds are set to play on page load, and stop on page turn within each page.


      Does anyone have any suggestions, or a solution for this?


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