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    Misleading Cancellation Issues and Auto-Renewal without Notice


      I've been using Muse in Creative Cloud for well over a year now. Been fairly happy with it.


      Decided back in January to "trial" Premiere Pro CC. Didn't like it compared to CS6 (which I own).


      So I cancelled. Or so I thought until today when I received a charge for $20.22 and a completely unexpected lock into a 1 year contract.


      No notice whatsoever. Only AFTER I was charged did I get on live chat AND the phone with Adobe customer service - who informed me I apparently didn't cancel, but was given an extended free trial "as a gift" instead months ago. ONE THAT I DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR.


      Now - I'm locked into a contract for a program I haven't used in months and have no intention of using ever, and the only way out is to pay an asinine $85 for an "early termination" EVEN THOUGH I WAS JUST CHARGED YESTERDAY WITH NO NOTICE. NO EMAIL. NOTHING.


      Is there ANYONE in Adobe's Customer Service team who cares to rectify this? Because every person at the call center across the world doesn't seem to give a crap about loyal customers, and just want to bleed everyone dry for things they never wanted in the first place. There is simply no way I can afford either action forced on me by this. I need a waiver and a cancellation on Premiere Pro CC and I will happily keep Muse if that happens.


      If not, I'll be cancelling my Muse subscription as well and joining the long line of people who are boycotting Adobe over shady business practices.