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    Running Headers—I've read tutorials and many people's method, but got nowhere.

    mortyfromqueens Level 1

      Hello. I spent yesterday and until now at 3 p.m. trying to establish headers for my

      367-page document in InDesign CC 2017 to be printed as a book, trying to figure-out

      headers for it.


      Running headers seem to be the best kind for this, but I haven't been able to work it out

      even after reading many people's method, including ones referred to in InDesign searches.


      I want the headers to be established so that I can insert from the text what I want in them.

      My book has 4 sections and many subjects, but I do not want to choose "sections,"

      "chapters" or anything in the running headers specs.


      Just an aside: This will be my final task in InDesign for this book.

      I've made my way through pagination and text-wrapping.


      Thank you so much,