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    Trouble with clear layers????????????


      I have no idea where I'm supposed to ask this and I keep getting the run around on this site.  I don't know how to easily phrase what I want to know so just bear with me.  I'm frustrated enough with this. 


      Ages ago, I used to open a blank layer and use Inner Glow to make a gradient around said blank layer.  I'd set it to normal and shift it to black so that whatever image on the layer I put underneath would fade out to black.  Nice and even.  Now, you can't do anything with a blank layer.  You can't get a stroke or a gradient around the edge unless that layer is filled in.  How do I get that back?  Or recreate it?    I'm totally lost and totally frustrated with trying to find anything on the adobe site because I'm unsure of how to easily phrase that question.  I've gotten answers for a million other things, none of what I need at this moment.  Please help?