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    Problem with opening and closing windows


      I have a Flex Desktop Application with a Splash screen that displays for 5 seconds which is the initial WindowedApplication which uses script to centre itself in the screen at 400 x 300.

      It then loads and opens up a Window where people login and closes the splash screen (using NativeWindow.close) - the login window it opens is again 400 x 300 and centred on the screen.

      When the user susccessfully logins in, the login window needs to load and open a Window called MainWindow which is when my software will actually begin - this MainWindow needs to be maximised so I have a script inside it that does this (NativeWindow.maximise). The login window also needs to close and this is where my problem lies. I keep getting a problem when I use NativeWindow.close in the login window and then open the MainWindow and run the NativeWindow.maximise.

      Any suggestions or ideas on how I can do this better? This is my first Flex application and I'm just a beginner.

      I can send the Flex archive if required.