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    LR "loses" images when "finding missing folder" but won't allow re-import


      I'm running LR CC, 2015.10, on a new iMac. I've moved a LR catalog from a MBP to the iMac and am getting it set up. All of the files are on a Drobo 5N, which LR thought was on "Public-1" on the MBP but is really "Public" on the iMac (No, I don't know why...). In finding "Missing Folders" for images I've attempted to select whole subdirectories--e.g., "2002", getting the Finder window, selecting the correct enveloping folder--again, "2002" on "Public"--and clicking on the Select button. That's fine, EXCEPT that the entire "2002" directory and accompanying subdirectories do not appear on "Public". When I attempt to re-import, LR indicates all of those images are already in the catalog. However, the "2002" directory on "Public-1"still shows that directory has images, but the subdirectories do not and LR still shows "2002" on Public-1" has images. Those images and the "1999" directory do not appear in the LR sidebar, so I can't see those images or access them. Here's an image that shows part of the problem: Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 5.02.16 PM.jpg

      As a consequence, I'm having to work my way manually through every subdirectory, selecting those images that are indicated as "missing", clicking multiple times (to select "Public", then the top-most directory, and wend my way down the directory tree to the selected image so I can tell LR which image is which. LR then figures out where the images are and updates the catalog just fine...but I have another 93K images left to process and it's REALLY time-consuming.


      So, my key questions are: 1) How do I force/make LR show "2002" directory correctly under "Public"? and 2) is there really way for LR to make the change a little more globally (and I've tried the "Update Location" trick and it didn't work...). Thanks.