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    New system (ryzen, 1080ti, SSDs...)


      Hello everyone

      My brother is moving to PC, and even though I know PC pretty well, I'm not an expert with video editing, so I come here to ask ig the config I made for him is good or not

      This is what I'm thinking for him:


      1 x Ryzen 1800X

      1 x noctua

      1 x asus prime x370 pro

      4 x gskill trident 16 Go ddr4 3000 MHz

      1 x msi 1080ti armor oc

      1 x fractal design S

      1 x corsair ax 760

      1 x SSD Samsung 256 GB 850 pro (for the system)

      1 x Samsung 960 evo nvme 250 GB (for the cache)

      1 x crucial mx 300 1TB (media files)

      1 x Seagate barracuda 3TB


      So, I chose the 1080ti because he does a lot of after effect too, not only premiere, and he also uses davinci.

      My big question was for the disk configuration, I did like that because of that link: https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/info/storage-drives-for-video-editing

      Is it overkill, is it the right way to put the cache on the nvme, instead of the system?

      (He will have a NAS to move all his finished project, that's why I don't plan on having a raid for the HDD)


      Thank you