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    Just D/L Lightroom and it won't recognise RAW


      Ok so 5 minutes ago I downloaded Lightroom


      I then went to upload and it won't recognise my RAW files. They are CR2, I'm using a Canon G5X which is on the approved list. it tells me I can search for an update then says it was unsuccessful because the server is offline or I'm offline (which I'm clearly not given I'm posting this).


      Can anyone help? I've had a search but largely I find unanswered questions or ones that just link to "check your camera is on the approved list" which I've already checked.


      Given I've literally just downloaded the programme I can't believe that I have to search for updates!! I had Lightroom 2 and it imported RAW files without any issues. There's no obvious solution being suggested by Lightroom, it's just telling me that files can't be read even though their own literature says my camera and files are supported.