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    How to Clear child containers?

      My little app is coming along, managed to get it this far with some excellent advice from those here. My latest problem is that when I leave the detail area and select a new (master1) I do not know how to clear out the details from the previous (master2) selections. When I select from (master1) the (master2) DataGrid is poplulated, but the Image on that Canvas is still the previously selected Image until I select a new on in (master2). Is there anyway to get it to clear out on a new (master1) event? My attempt at defining my layout is below. If it is not clear enough just let me know and I will post whatever is needed. Thanks again for all the previous help and in advance for this one.

      Stage layout:

      mxDataGrid (master1)

      mx:Image dataProvider{master1}

      mx:DataGrid dataProvider{master1}
      mx:columns (master2)
      mx:Image dataProvider{master2}