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    LIGHTROOM AND ACR will not update

    hamish niven Level 2

      I simply cant get LR CC to update to a latest version (LR does not even tell me which version is it on). It used to work with CR2 files from my 5D4 but since it updated it does not, I have to convert them to DNG. I've uninstalled LR twice, I've logged out of Creative Cloud desktop and restarted, I've uninstalled CC-Desktop.
      I've turned off my mac and back on again.
      I'm running Sierra 10.12.4.Lightroom says its on camera RAW 9.0 and LR Build1014445.
      The transform by drawing lines has gone, the (useless) dehaze has also gone.

      When LR boots up it simply says 2015 release
      I STILL don't have lens correction for the Canon 24-105 Lmk2 lens
      I've tried to download LR only from Adobes pages, via the LR installer - it  started with the CC-desktop and said all good with my current version.
      I'm currently installing Camera RAW 9.1.1 from Adobe's site.
      I tried to download the LRCC2015.10 setup.dmg update from Adobe and was advised my advisor needed to run the app. I'm the advisor and everything to stop software installing is stopped because I need this to work
      I'm wasting hours now because I need to straighten art work using the transform using lines - ACR still works in photoshop, but not every photo needs photoshop work done on it.
      I'm beginning to get very frustrated, as my laptop is perfectly happy with its updating and it reads CR2 files from my 5D4.


      I've checked my billing - last invoice was ±7th April 2017 and the card is still up to date.


      Anyone got a clue what I can do because CC-Desktop says all apps are up to date.
      Thanks in advance