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    Feedback on dust particle animation


      Hello After Effects Community. I currently study Animation for my second year and I would like some feedback on this very small and simple tutorial i created. I would like feedback on how to make it look better.

      Step 1: Create a floor layer and an object to move across the screen

      Step 2: Create a solid object and add CC Particle World to the object

      Step 3: Import the dust cloud image and add it to a new layer. Hide the layer. Your layers should now look like this:


      Step 4: Change your CC Particle World settings to match these below. You can tweak different settings yourself to match the speed your object is moving or the weight that your object is.


      Step 5: Parent the “Dust” layer to the “Moving Object” Layer

      Step 6: Move the “Moving Object” across the screen. It will look as if its dragging itself across the screen with dust coming from behind as it quickly moves along.

      The final should look like this: http://i.imgur.com/h8p4z4C.gif

      Thank you!