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    Record audio while playing background music




      I'm working on a app where the user can record them singing/talking, and now I have built the UI for the recorder etc.
      For now I'm using new Media (cordoba-plugin-media) for recording, and this works fine. This will be the best option for recording audio on cross Android and iOS(?), and without opening a external app. Since on my current test phone, Google Pixel, there's no built-in recorder app.


      But I'll need to play a music track or short audio file while recording the user singing/talking. So I have for now used new Audio (HTMLAudioElement), but when I play back the recorded audio. I can that the recorder also picks up the new Audio file, even when using a headphone. Is there any way to get by this with the recorder not recording the Audio file?


      Thanks in advance

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          By "picks up" do you mean that the playing audio track is being recorded at full volume (as if it is being routed internally on the device), or that the recorder can hear what's coming out of the headphones? If the latter case, there's not much you can do about that -- a mic is going to pick up what it picks up. You could try and run a filter over the recorded audio after the fact, but recording conditions can vary drastically, so not sure you would end up with any decent results.

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            MariusAD Level 1

            Thanks for the answer. Well, first while I was testing it seemed to by routed internally. But with more testing, it seems that the mic is picking the audio up. And then its safe to safe not much to do.


            But thanks again