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    Photoshop 2017 Open Annoyingly


      Not really a question as it is a comment. Upgraded to Photoshop 2017 and everytime I open it, if I flip to something else (web browser for example), it flips back to Photoshop, then I go back to browser, then it goes back to Photoshop (which is still trying to open at this time), then I go back to browser, then it goes back to Photoshop, then I go back to browser, then it goes back to Photoshop, until I finally give up and leave Photoshop open while I wait for it to finalize.

      Why can't it just open in the background???

      So, I guess I do have a question...

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          Many find it annoying I know I do.  I even tried creating a Windows ShortCut to start Photoshop minimized.  However the way Adobe programmed Photoshop many task and windows created by Photoshop are create to grab windows system attention to be in the foreground.  There seems to be a real battle for windows attention going on when Photoshop is initializing even its UI is having attention grabbed from it or Photoshop UI is visible before it is ready for use.  Adobe seems to use many task to initialize Photoshop as fast as it can be. It is not an orderly startup it seems more like a war to me. I think the more cores you have may increases the intensity of the war but the war is over sooner.  However if you add many add-ons to Photoshop the duration of the war will be prolonged.  CC 2017 seems to have increased the intensity of the war. Photoshop CC 2017 startup seems to grab windows attention more times then previous version of Photoshop do starting up.

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            Yep, it's insane and needs to be fixed.