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    Minimum System Requirements.

    charliew57335968 Level 1

      Hello, to start off here is a link to the PC that i am building:




      The question is, will this PC run premiere pro cc? i have looked at the system requirements page that adobe suggests, however i couldn't see the processor or graphics card that i have selected among the list the adobe provides. This computer is a top spec AMD PC so i imagine that it will run fine. However when spending this much money there is no harm in double checking. Another question is, is a sound card necessary? the motherboard will come with the sound outputs i need for my speaker setup and as far as i can tell the card itself isnt needed. (yet adobe say a card is necessary) Im feeling a little confused at this point and need some advise. please help!


      Thank you,






      Asus PRIME X370-PRO, Aura lighting, SLI & CrossFire

      AMD CPUs and Overclocking



      AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Zen, 8-core with SMT, 3.6GHz, 4GHz Turbo [Stock - CPU left at default operating frequency]

      CPU Coolers



      Corsair Hydro Series H110i - 280mm AIO liquid cooler





      32GB (2x16GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2400MHz

      Graphics Card



      8GB Asus GTX 1080 STRIX ADVANCED GAMING, 1670MHz, 2560 Cores, 10000MHz GDDR5X - GeForce GTX VR Ready [Single card]

      Storage - Solid State Drives - PCIe



      256GB Samsung SM961, PCIe Gen x4, NVMe, up to 3100MB/s Read, 1400MB/s Write, 330K IOPS

      Storage - Hard Disk Drives



      System Drives - These drives have been hand-picked as system drives as they typically have a higher spindle speed and cache and as such offer greater performance for use in more demanding applications. [2TB Seagate FireCuda SSHD]

      Sound Cards



      Not Selected




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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          the audio chip on the motherboard will work fine. it will count as a sound card, as far as the software is concerned.


          i would try to avoid liquid cooling, they are more troublesome to replace and risk the chance of leaking fluid and destroying other parts. the noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 is a very large air cooler, it will handle medium-to-high overclocks as well. the website you linked offers the smaller noctua cooler, it might be ok if you aren't going to overclock.


          the gtx 1080 is a bit overkill for adobe software and your setup. if you don't have other software that needs the gtx 1080, a gtx 1060 6gb or 1070 would be more reasonable.


          ram speeds can be helpful for ryzen cpu's, so you may want to look for at least ddr4-3000. the corsair lpx kits seem to be compatible with am4/ryzen, but you may also want to check the motherboard's memory qvl on asus support website. there will be limits for how fast the memory can run on ryzen, depending on how many sticks of ram are installed and capacity, so you might not be able to reach ddr4-3000 speeds in some configs with some memory kits.


          for storage there are several ways to setup drives. if your active projects are small enough, you could use a 500gb samsung 960 m.2 for everything, then use a hdd for backups and archived projects. some people like to isolate the sata ssd os/boot drive for easier drive image backups and restores. the seagate firecuda sshd you have listed isn't going to be very helpful, i would just go with the regular hdd for less.

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            johnb26924339 Level 1

            I just did the Corsair 3000 Dominator RAM with Ryzen 1800x and x370 Pro, only to find out the memory speed won't go past 2400, despite being approved on Asus QVL. I'd personally go with a different RAM.


            Totally agree about avoiding water cooling (Noctua NH-D15 all the way) and going with the 500GB 960 M.2.  Don't go 250. You only have 1 NVMe slot on that board and it's your fastest speed. Don't waste that opportunity with 250GB.


            I'm getting great sound from this mobo (nice audio enhancements). I do a lot of audio recording so tested that right away. No sound card needed.

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              charliew57335968 Level 1

              Hello and thank you for replying!


              Great to here about the sound card as i had read elsewhere that it wasn't necessary and was then confused when i saw the adobe requirements.

              - When it comes to the water cooling, i havent really heard of any coolers going wrong or leaking, im not going to be moving my PC about a lot or tampering with the hardware anytime soon, so i feel like its safe enough. I have plenty of friends that have been using water cooling for years without any problems so i feel like its more down to personal opinion and risk factor. Supposedly the water coolers are much quiter and more effective at doing the job? i could be mistaken but i thought thats why they are becoming more and more popular.

              - Ive opted for the 1080 because although the system is primarily for my work as a video editor i will also be using the systems a gaming machine in my personal time.

              - the motherboard i have selected has a cap of 2666MHZ RAM, so i could buy the 3000MHZ RAM but it would mean it being capped at 2666 and i would also have to run multiple updates on of the bios which i believe voids the warranty of the website. surely 32GB 2400MHZ is more than enough?

              - You make a great point about the hard drives. I do plan on using the OS on the M.2 drive and also running my software off the drive. do you think it would be worth going for the 500GB M.2 and a standard HDD? as doing so will add an extra £80 to the build. I was under the impression that using a SSHD was faster than using a HDD?


              Over all this system i ideally want to be build for both work and gaming. i have a system at the moment that works for work however not for gaming and i wanted to take this opportunity to combine the two. I would have thought this system would be more than enough for that purpose? I really do appreciate the advice as at this point i want to question everything before i purchase the build.

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                when liquid coolers became popular there weren't really any good air coolers that could compete, and the popularity with AIO's has mostly stuck. but there are large air coolers now that can come close and beat some AIO liquid coolers. coolers like the noctua d14 or d15 are such coolers, and they can actually be quieter since noctua has some of the quietest fans and they have no pump noise. if you are going for extreme overclock, then liquid will do better. but extreme overclocks aren't recommended for a stable production machine.


                ryzen cpu's are built different than intel cpu's, they benefit more from higher speed memory. its good to try and get it running 2666-3000, or even higher.


                sshd has a very small flash cache, only data in that cache will be faster than a normal hdd. generally with video editing we deal with way too much data to fit in the sshd cache, so normally there is no performance gain and therefore its not worth the extra cost.


                this system would be able to game and handle productivity software. most games only use 2-4 cpu cores, so 8 cores on ryzen will be plenty. the video card needs will vary depending on the game, target fps and resolution. the only weakness ryzen has for gaming is high fps for high refresh rate monitors. some games in that scenario need an intel cpu to get those high fps above 120...