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    How to resize an image from vertical to horizontal?

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      I'm doing a bottle label for a friend who wants to start selling his homemade rum punch. We agreed on a basic design and when I asked him for the dimensions, he said he wanted 3 x 4 inches. The original design that we agreed on was lengthwise (or rather, 3 inches height, 4 inches width). As I was working on it, I was sending him progress photos.

      However now I'm nearly done and I sent it to him, he said that he had actually wanted it to be a tall rectangle standing up, instead of lying down on the side. He wants it to be 4 inches height by 3 inches. However he never mentioned this during the drawing process, and we had initially agreed on the other format, which I then proceeded to follow. This is the image that I did.

      Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.36.32 AM.png



      So basically, he wants the design to now be 4 inches in height, with 3 inches width. Is there any way that i can resize the image without losing a lot of the work I did? I know that at the top and bottom there will be some white space, so I don't mind colouring back in those areas, but I'm more worried about the items on the beach, like the tree, umbrella and chair.


      I figure if anything I'll have to put the chair next to the tree, and i'll lose half the beach. The plank of wood with the name is on a separate layer (I've put everything on separate layers) so I'm not worried about resizing that.


      Thanks in advance.