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    "read out loud" table summary



      I am learning about the Accessibility Tools. I am trying to have "read out loud" read a quick summary of a table before it reads the table contents. I tried adding Alt Text in Word before saving as pdf, that did not get read. I tried adding a Table Summary in Acrobat by Tools/Accessibility/Reading Order/Touch UP Reading Order/Edit Table Summary, but that did not get read either.


      How can I add a table summary that gets read before the table contents? This way, the person can choose whether to go through the entire table contents or not.


      Thank you for any information on this.

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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional



          I would test your file in a dedicated screen reader application like JAWS.  I am wondering if you have your table tagged properly, but the Read Out Loud feature of Acrobat/Reader doesn't accommodate it.  If you have access to a screen reader application (external of Acrobat), I'd give it a chance to read your file.


          I hope this is helpful

          My best,


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            OliCat Level 1

            Hello Dave,

            I was wondering the same thing: if the issue was due to the basic functionality of Read Out Loud which does not give the option to skip something or not while reading. So yes, it would be handy to have use of a screen reader application for testing documents. Thank you for your response.