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    Digital Signature Caused crash


      I was filling out a form and tried clicking on the digital signature, I was prompted with the 4 squares loading, it flashes and nothing happens. After that I was unable to save any document. I tried restarting my cpu, uninstalling and reinstalling to the latest version. Version 2017.009.20044. I still have the same problem, now not only does the signature not work but I cannot save any documents, I just get that loading symbol. I never had this issue with saving documents before, only after I tried this.

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi amanj86,


          Please refer to the steps suggested in the link below:

          "save as" pop up box does not allow me to save the document.


          Feel free to update this discussion if you need further help.



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            Sunil2201 Adobe Employee

            Hello amanj86,


            Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

            We have knowledge of similar issues and working on them.

            Meanwhile, request you to do followings as workaround:

            • Restart your machine
            • Repair application and restart your machine


            Kindly provide followings if issue still exists:

            • Check if RdrCEF.exe is hanged:
              • go to Task Manager
              • check whether a process named "RdrCEF" is running or not?
              • If running, is it in a hanged state?
              • If hanged, right click on the process and create the dump file and share with us.
            • Check if Rdrcef.exe is crashing [Go to task manager -> observe PID of RdrCEF processes, it changes]
              • enable the Windows crash reporting WER feature. Steps to enable crash dump creation: Collecting User-Mode Dumps (Windows)
              • OR You can also use the attached registry key to enable the automatic crash dump creation. This will place the dump at C:\Dumps\. dump.reg


            You can share logs/dumps/sample files with us via Adobe Send https://cloud.acrobat.com/send or any medium you are comfortable with.


            Please keep us updated how it goes.



            Sunil Soni

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