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    How should text flow around image spanning two columns?


      This is as much a design question as Indesign. I have a two column layout with graphs that span the page, splitting the text. I have it set up so that the left column text continues to the right column above the image, rather than jumping down below the image. Is this correct, or should the text flow all the way down the left column to the bottom of the page, and only then continue to the right? It always seemed to make sense to not jump across the image.


      If I have to change it, how could I tell indesign to flow through/jump the image? The graphs are anchored objects, which I set up to span columns, and in the flow, are after the end of the top-right column. So breaking the text into top sections and bottom sections happened 'naturally.'


      More simply stated, as far as text flow. A or B below? A is what I have currently.