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    When licensing images from Photoshop libraries we made a mistake to buy a premium. Can someone help me to undo this?


      We a have a team subscription of 750 images per month. We are a marketing agency, and we usually download many images as a daily basis. Looking directly form photoshop libraries is a great tool, but this is a second time we hit a premium image by mistake and licensed it. The only way to realize about doing such an action, is paying attention to the dialog before saying "ok". Something that in a rush becomes a potential error.

      It would be a great UI/UX improvement if that dialog with tiny texts make a different approach to premium images. Maybe different colors, maybe the button might read "Buy" instead of "OK". And I'd rather prefer to think this is something that is not intentional for misleading the user, than just some kind of poor studying of possible interactions.

      But the most difficult task of all is reaching the right person to communicate the problem. We have 499.99 dollars in expenses for something nobody wants.

      Please could someone help us to undo this purchase?